Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things

The highlights for me in '09 would look a lot like Sue's, minus some things that are strictly unique to Sue. And since we're having a lot of fun, but are not a couple (that would be on the list of catch phrases of '09), the line is getting blurry. So, I'd like to point out that the above photo exemplifies some of the delights of this past year. 2010 promises to have even more.

One thing that I am really happy about, but am unable to easily capture in a photo, is that The Office is now in syndication, and suddenly my evenings are filled with my fictional friends, to go along with my real ones. Michael Scott reminds me daily that I love being self-employed with no employees, and clients I can put in cages if they give me any crap. Wait, they give me crap no matter what, but that's what pays the bills.

But I digress.

Behold - Kool-aid pitcher (an addition courtesy of Sue's childhood, that I refer to as Kevin - see above regarding The Office), Sock Monkey cookie jar AND coffee mug, and, yes, that is the Downy Ball Almighty, liberating me from the tyranny of the rinse cycle forever!


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  1. I cannot believe I forgot to tell you and Kevin this. :) I no longer can use my downy ball. I see it sitting on the shelf and feel horrible for it. we have a front loading washer which is so high tech I must now put the fabric softener in the holder on the front of the machine to be put in at the appropriate time without my help . . . or the downy ball's help. Sob, sob. Who must I gift this to - as regifting goes - this is a good one to regift as new or old - it's a great gift!