Monday, January 4, 2010

Kid in a Candy Store or Bull in a China Shop

For Christmas and my birthday, my mom buys me Aveda hair products. This is always pretty exciting for me as this stuff is 'spensive but it smells fantastic.

Imagine my surprise when I check into my Florida beach rental only to find mounds and mounds of Aveda products in BOTH bathrooms. Why, there's hair repair, over there, Caribean bath salts! And is that Rosemary Mint scrub? Yes, it is! Wow.

Here's the thing about Aveda products. They confuse me. While I should be smothering that stuff all over my rough elbows and my damaged roots, some of the prodcut descriptions leave me puzzled.

For example, the Botanical Purifying Gel doesn't say what it's supposed to be purifying, let alone if it gets rinsed off or if it stays on. And the firming agent? The instructions actually make more sense to me in French than the English because I recognized "apres" to mean "after." I just don't know what to do after what.

As I suspected, once more sophistication is within my grasp, but my hands are too oily to hold on to it.


  1. Now I'm not saying you should do this . . . but I'd put the firming agent on my butt and legs. I love Aveda - so you get to use all these! Yay you!

  2. maybe firming agent is for guys

  3. Oh, FUNNY, Anonymous..... I'm with my Island Girl - Party on!