Friday, January 8, 2010

Mr. Bubble, Friend No More

When I read that Rocko's had a jacuzzi tub, it was one of those "you had me at hello" moments. Thoughts of relaxing hot baths, gentle aromas transporting me to full relaxation filled my imagination as a vital component of the perfect vacation.

Boy was I wrong.

Between too hot water and over sudsing, my two attempts at luxury bathing have been botched. At first I thought I had simply made amateur mistakes. After all, it's tricky finding the right water level for proper submerging. However, that didn't solve the problem of too many bubbles, fired by the jets, making for a Lucy Ricardo-type picture. Then there were the hot flashes and subsequent clausterphobia, fueled by bubbles threatening to smother me.

After today's failure, I focused on at least a good shower. But that's where Mr. Bubbles Twisted Sister showed up. As I was rinsing my hair, I reached for the Aveda "hair masque." Once again, I couldn't read the ant droppings that passed for instructions on the bottle. Somewhere, I saw 2-5, which I assumed meant minutes to keep the conditioner on. This is an extraordinarily long time to just stand around the shower, particularly when I was feeling such bitter disappointment.

Looking around at the tiles, I noticed that the cleaning person must have missed the Crest Gel that had adhered to a few of the tiles. Ewwww...well, with nothing else to do, I grabbed an Aveda bottle and got scraping. That passed the time nicely. Rinsing out the masque (which I think I was supposed to do), I got out of the tub while the gettin' was good.

Always end on a win.

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