Sunday, January 31, 2010

Rocko's Report

Less than twenty four hours left for Pat and me here at Rocko's Beach House. It's been great, but I know you want to know all about it. Here are the highlights.

One---the number of bags of Cheetos that I've eaten nearly single handedly.

A pound of shrimp---the best buy at Publix this week. De-lish.

2.5---the number of times I've been to Skidders. We had a great meal last night, but went back today for brunch and they were so busy that we went elsewhere.

Nina's on the Beach---the very cute diner where we went when we couldn't get a seat at Skidders. Very good lunch but I had way too much hash. Can I help it if I'm a hash addict? Of course, I'm such a loser that I'm addicted to actual hash and not the drug.

47---the number of soduku puzzles that I've completed so far...and I still have nearly 24 hours of puzzling fun left.

Gyro---the word I can't really pronounce, but what I keep ordering at Skidders.

Mike---the cute man who was our waiter last night at Skidders.

A round---what Peter comped for us last night at Skidders. Like we're high rollers or something.

Mickey and Minnie Window Clings---what Lynne took off the windows at Skidders last night (see comped drinks, above).

Daily---how often I've used the jacuzzi tub.

Tim Dorsey---fun author we saw at a local library. And we bought two of his books. Lynne is way ahead of me on reading (see soduku puzzles above).

Unexpected, and terrifying, event----Pat appears to be off of bacon. It all started when she bought some chocolate covered bacon at the Italian Market. Seemed like a good idea---two great tastes, they must taste great together. But was icky. And as a result, Pat is now afraid of bacon. Who thought that her favorite meat could suddenly become the enemy? This morning the woman at the next table had bacon and Pat was brave about it. I'm not sure what this could mean for the future. I'm going to nominate her for Dr. Drew's next show. I think he's the only one who can help.

Other things that scared Pat---the Tim Dorsey book. It's about a serial killer in Florida and she was afraid he'd get her if she read the book.

Bitch and Cupcake----not our nicknames,but the names of two wines that we've enjoyed. Cupcake was better than Bitch, fyi.

Knishes---new food tried by Lynne and Pat at the street market yesterday. Pat's was potato and Hebrew National Hot Dogs and Lynne's was sweet potato. Pat also had Hebrew National mustard which, as she said, "is new to my mustard repetoire." How many of you have a mustard repetoire?

My strecthy pants---what I'll be wearing for the next several days. Ugh.


  1. I don't even know where to start. Let's start w/ wine. Cupcake is better than Bitch . . . note to self. Seems like a good life lesson in general. Like sugar and salt look the same but one catches flies or bees or something like that . . . what?! Focus! Focus on the ring! And Chocolate covered Bacon . . . poor Pat! Sounds scary! Also, I'm with Pat - put down the book! What if he gets you . . . he hates readers! Have fun the last few hours. Thanks for the giggles . . . I have the jealousy

  2. voo doo doughnuts has a bacon and maple covered doughnut that looks pretty good.

  3. Scott's eyes lit up when I told him about chocolate covered bacon . . . I was like . . . you're kidding me! Now I see they have donuts w/ bacon and maple . . . perhaps this is like the McGriddle I've always questioned. Is my world too small?!