Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bitter Betrothal...

I'm engaged! It's true...and I have a beautiful ring to prove it. I'm very happy and often find myself smiling when all alone as if I were the village idiot. Being engaged has been very fun since our friends and family are very happy for us.

However, there have been a few comments, which, though possibly well meaning just haven't come off too well. For example, is it really necessary to say things like: "Good for you---continuing to believe there is happiness despite the previous two!"

Or "Of course, I'll be at the wedding. I made it to the first two didn't I?"

Or (upon hearing that Chris is moving into my house) "Have you thought about selling that place and getting something nicer?"

Or "Are you changing your name....again???"

And, my personal favorite (from my son) "This is you and Chris, right? Not you and Lynne?"

Ain't love grand?


  1. What, no third times the charm?

  2. MHC 1990 now ShermanlessJuly 16, 2010 at 12:22 AM

    I am convinced that many people are just stupid. Bask in your happiness! Congratulations.