Friday, July 23, 2010

Yeast: Good in Bread, Not Bed

This is a picture of the last slice of my new favorite bread:

It's tomato basil bread from Panera. It might even have some sourdough in it, making it even BETTER! If you are a frequent reader of this blog, you may wonder if that is the same darn watermelon in every picture but it is not. This is not the watermelon for the July 4th fete and it is not the watermelon for watermelon's sake watermelon. This watermelon will be made into watermelon lemonade. Yes, it is fantastic.

But that's not what I wanted to tell you. We're talking about this bread. I bought the loaf, which is HUGE for the purpose of having with corn on the cob - butter the bread, put corn on the bread, cover corn, salt corn, eat corn. Eat melted butter with salt on the bread. It's awesome. The rest of the bread has gone toward daubing up salad dressing. The best feta salad dressing in the WORLD!

There they are together. Aren't they beautiful?

Many ingredients make bread wonderful. Without yeast however, it'd just be unleavened bread. While I'm all for manna, it sounded a bit more crunchy. You could hardly butter it up and use it on corn. You couldn't dip it in salad.

Yeast has its place.

It is not in the bedroom.

Recently (as in fifteen minutes ago), I told the story of my husband and how he was a really great home-brewer. He once made a phenomenal batch of mead. He used champagne yeast. However, when it was cold, he'd worry the yeast packet would not stay warm enough. One night, I was getting in bed and there was a lump under the covers. It was not a cat. I asked my husband about it. "Oh that? It's the yeast packet."

I got out of the bed. I then explained to him how women feel about yeast. It is our enemy. We do not like it around us anywhere, particularly at night, in our beds.

I don't think he understood. Only women can appreciate that yeast has its place.

It is not in the bedroom.

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