Friday, July 16, 2010

Do You Resemble Produce?

An old lady collected potato chips with interesting shapes, like Jay Leno. This is funny.

Being pear shaped or apple shaped has a bearing on your health. Not so funny.

Recently a friend, who will remain nameless, joined a work-out place. Signing in came with the joys of having her measurements taken. This is fun when you're going to be a bridesmaid. It's not fun when you are having it done because you're trying to change the numbers.

Of course, our friend didn't know the kindly woman who carefully measured her. She did recite the findings to said friend. Said friend noted that all numbers seemed pretty much the same, prompting her to blurt, "I knew I was shaped like a brussel sprout!"

The measurement woman was taken aback. Apparently our friend was the first to match her shape with a fruit or vegetable outside the norm.

And one must be careful with produce comparisons. Just yesterday, an old man who likes to fish in my pond (not code) brought cucumbers and zucchini out of his garden to thank me. Why yes, reaching into the back of the truck to retrieve these items was creepy.

One must simply have a sense of humor when dealing with the fruit and vegetables of the world.

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  1. and the fruits and nuts! I'm shaped like a german potato.