Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Fourth on the Fifth

If you saw the previous post about the watermelon and the July 4th get together, then you'll be happy to know that the melon was a darn good floater. When thrown in the pond, it sank down, then popped up with a pleasing splash. Yet somehow, I missed when it fell apart and the ceremonial "flinging of the pieces" took place.

The other news at this year's event is that Trina was extremely ambitious and created a fun "piece" for all to enjoy. The pictures of her are the artist in action, followed by Liz, who gives a nice preview as it was in development. The full picture will be disclosed soon, but you really need to work up to it. Let's just say "it's a keeper."

The Wagner 8 brought a special guest this year. No, it wasn't one of the girls' boyfriends, though they were in tow. Meet Millie:
She's a mini pot-bellied pig and she was the hit of the party (except to Foster). After all the Charlotte's Web and Pork-related jokes (there were many), she still wanted to hang out with us. In the picture, she's sniffing the "Kooky Chicken Swim Party" squeek toy that Trina brought (I think for the dogs, but I like it quite a bit myself). We admired the pig's spunk, particularly when she got tired of Foster barking smack at her and she attacked him, shocking him, and giving us a laugh. She also was particularly cute when she rolled in the sand, then suddenly shoot off in some random direction, prompting yells of "Speed Pig!"

Yeah, we know how to party.

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