Sunday, October 24, 2010

Creepiest Thing EVER

Reading the Sunday paper should be relaxing, right? Then I saw this ad among the coupons. Questions: who thought of it, who green lighted it, and who buys it?

A collectible "orangutan toddler doll" made from real vinyl (as opposed to that fake vinyl?).

Seriously, this picture frightened me so I've had to keep it face down on the paper. It actually induces nausea.


  1. From Karen:
    oh come on Lynne, I think she’s kind of cute. Not every animal is as attractive as your Tilly! :) (Though Tilly is QUITE attractive!!!)
    Wonder if my grandchildren have ever played with something like REAL VINYL! I don’t think I should introduce this. I’m a memaw in the doghouse right now (not with the grandchildren just with the daughter). Hee hee. Shows I’m having fun with my grandkids!