Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I Throw My Hands Up in the Air Sometimes


Frustration? I touched something hot? I slipped on the ice?

No, because I'm at ZUMBA! It also happens to be the opening line to a zumba song. Last night, Liz made her first ever appearance at zumba. She had a sampling of it at school and apparently got hooked.

She joined me at zumba. She loved it. She said she felt alive and "moving parts that had not moved in decades." So what if she couldn't get all the steps down. I've been going for two months (and five years) and still misstep.

Remember the old movies where couples went out to eat at "supper clubs?" After their sophisticated late night dinners, an orchestra would play and couples would sail across the dance floor.

Later, there was jitterbugging at Arnold's. Then the 60's, which of course ruined everything, particularly couple dancing. Last time I saw Jersey Shore, there was lots of grinding, resulting in sex in the bathrooms, but that is as far from romance as one can get.

Is it a human need to dance? I'm suspecting it is. I know the college students who are 99.9% of the zumba population wonder why us "oldies" are in there. How can I explain that once you're a grown-up, the only dancing you get to do is in your living room?

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