Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ode to A Pickle Jar

As Lynne has mentioned in previous posts, I drink a lot of iced tea. I'm supposed to be drinking more water so I'm trying. Usually I drink out of a big plastic cup with a lid and straw...that way I can get maximum beverage consumption without worrying about spilling on my computer.

The other day I was gazing at myself in the mirror and noticed wrinkles in a new place...around my mouth. I have smoker lips! And I don't smoke. The cluprit? Straws!

Now, in addition to the quandry over new wrinkles I had the challenge of finding a suitably large, yet stable beverage container that didn't involve a straw.

And look what I found:

Yep---a pickle jar. Look at it sitting there, stout and sturdy, right next to my computer where I can wrap my hands around it in a mighty grip and chug away. And, instead of recycling, I'll soon have service for 8. Think of the possibilities---little jelly jars for juice, baby food jars (which I don't have) for shots, and big pickle jars for vodka and tonic.


1 comment:

  1. So what you're saying, Sue, is that what you say is iced tea is actually a vodka and tonic, but with a little food coloring for disguise???