Wednesday, May 19, 2010

English is Confusing

English is my first, and only, language. I like to think I'm fairly adept in its use. They even let me teach others how to use English to write things like sentences and papers to convey important information.

Yet, I am still confused. For example, when a high school friend gets in touch after at least 10 years of no contact (and the smattering of contact in the 15 years before that was all initated by me...yes, more bitterness) and says "Would love to hear from you" I interpreted that to mean that after receiving (within 72 hours) my newsy update on myself and my family, she'd respond equally promptly. Nope. It's been about 6 weeks (not that I'm counting) and still nothing.

Instead of saying "Would love to hear from you" she should have told the truth. "I've had a couple glasses of wine. I'm feeling sort of nostalgic and lonely, so I thought I'd look up friends from a happier time. Once I sober up and get back to my very important life, I'll wish I hadn't sent this message at all."

But one word I do know and understand....Bitterness!

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