Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Story of the Week

Actually, it will probably be story of the month. Or story of the season.

Look, it's just a good story, okay?

This is courtesy of Trina. However, the details have been scrambled - not to protect the innocent but because I don't remember what they are.

Some woman was dog-sitting for a co-worker. The co-worker warned the woman that the dog was very old and may die. If the dog did die while the co-worker was overseas, the woman was to take the body to the vet for cremation.

A sad scenario, but I applaud the dog owner for having a thought-out plan.

The dog did die. Fortunately, the woman knew what to do. Get the dog to the vet. Except the woman was in D.C. and had no car. Her choices were hailing a taxi with the dead dog or taking the Metro. While a taxi could still produce a good story, throw in public transportation into a dead dog story and you know you've got a winner.

Carefully the woman packed the rather sizeable dog in a duffle bag (probably a few layers of towels or blankets as well). She put the duffle bag under her seat and hoped for the best as she rode toward the vet's office.

Of all the times for a chatty, inquisitive stranger to make conversation.

"Whatcha got in the bag?"

The woman thought quickly and replied, "Oh, just some old computer parts."

The stranger seemed content with this answer. Until the next stop. At the next stop, the stranger grabbed the woman's duffle bag and ran out the door of the train.

Yes, the stranger stole the dead dog's body.

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