Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Another Candidate for the Bitter Hall of Fame

Sure, we say we're bitter. But we know it. We joke about it. Most importantly, we're bitter and fun.

Kate Gosselin.

Really bitter. Really not fun.

While not a fan of the show, inevitably images and headlines forced me to be aware of them during grocery store check-out lines.

May I suggest that if one would plot on a graph the rise and fall of the Gosselin marriage, then plot the weirdness of Kate's hairstyles the lines are the identical!!!

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  1. You are so not allowed to talk about poor Kate or poor John. Victims of stupidity! Did plastic surgery & pedicures & hairstyles make their harmless little life of parenting all those kids go down a wrong path. Sure. But who of us would pass up a free tummy tuck?! Is Kate mean? Sure. Does John put on blinders and seem oblivious most of the time when there are 8 kids to be parented! Sure. But they sound like normal parents of lots of kids that forgot they need God in the middle as it's hard. It's so hard. I mean is Kate mean or is John a slacker? Both. Which came first . . . the chicken or the egg. Who cares. Why isn't someone counseling them to get through this - they've invested so much and were just about to get them all in school. We can all be judgy - but the truth is they are marriage today. It's hard. Hard I tell you . . . but if he did not cheat. If they really are both believers - I so wish someone would pray and pray hard w/ them to fix this and take a break from the media. Am I passionate about this? No, why do you ask! I need a sandwich. Geese. Chill out, Julie!