Saturday, June 6, 2009

Found Objects, Country Style

Living in the country can be an unusual experience. Sue has already had a number of "challenges" to her new abode, not the least of which was the puppy who slept next to her with an unknown bladder issue. The problem with the dog has been fixed, but she's also not back on Sue's bed, wisely.

Outside of the house is a whole different world. Like the other day while we were out walking the dogs, we discovered this bowling ball. On the side of the road? No. It was embedded in a planted farmer's field, with baby soy bean plants sprouting around it. We plucked it out and brought it home. It was a dilemma of whether we should carry it or roll it. However, after I rolled a gutter ball (it went in the ditch-ewww), it was carried.

How did it get there? Angry wife, jealous of how much time her husband spends with said bowling ball, chucks it out the window? It was pretty heavy for any chucking? The man bowled a bag game? A moving van dropped it? Space Aliens? Your theories welcome.

Then, this morning, I walked by this pint of pickled peppers. I'm pretty sure Peter picked them.

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