Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Countdown to Frankenmuth

If the flurry of emails are any indication...this is gonna be one big laugh fest. I might need to get some of the astronaut diapers just to make sure I'm not offensive (at least in a smelly way) to my fellow travelers (I'm not sure if that's the right phrase to use).

So far, plans include the following:

A stop at Tony's I-75 restaurant for giant servings of food. Tony's was on The Travel Channel which featured their BLT that contains 20 slices of deep fried bacon. 'nuff said.

Pat has purchased a variety of new, hermetically sealed, golf shirts for the trip. She says a variety of colors...I don't know how many shirts she thinks she'll need in 36 hours, but maybe she knows something that I don't.

We are working on rules (perhaps we should call them behavior suggestions). Here's what we have so far:

1. No changing shirts in the car.

2. No lederhosen.

Suggested activities:

1. Changing shirts in the car (Brad is the only one who is really pushing for this one)

2. Hitchhiking (again, Brad)

3. Karaoke (ditto)

4. Fun car games with prizes (you guessed it)

And, that's all before we even get to Frankenmuth. We might be worn out before we even get to Toledo.

The one thing that would really make this special (and the shirt changing more comfortable) would b a conversion van.


  1. I'm confused... Why are Pat's golf shirts in need of being hermetically sealed? And what do you have against lederhosen? They might be very nice with your giant astronaut diapers... Non-binding...
    And if you all are hitchhiking, who is driving? I think that the conversion van is a marvelous idea... and would save $$ on hotel rooms!

  2. sounds like a pisser! (and speaking many potty breaks do you have on the trip?)

    you might also want to try this place if you like chicken!

    have fun! i am jealousy!

  3. Ah man, a conversion van - I want to come now! I think I have the jealousy, too, now.

  4. might i also suggest staying in a KOA.. do they have them in frankenMUTH?