Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What Year Is It?

Sure, it's 2009. You may even know it's the Year of the Ox.

But for our pal Pat, it's The Year of the Sandwich. As of this writing, there are no commemorative t-shirts to be purchased. The Conductor recently sat down with Pat to see how the Year is going. The interview took place at Findlay's Main Street Deli.

Editor's Note: The Conductor has memory problems and may have, in fact, made some of this stuff up.

Conductor: You're mid-way through the Year of the Sandwich. How would you say it's going?

Pat: It really hasn't cut the mustard. I've been really busy. I'm spread pretty thin.

Conductor: So to speak. What's your favorite so far?

Pat: Could you be more specific?

Conductor: Ummm..maybe...

Pat: Do you mean meat or non-meat?

Conductor: Wow, this is really complicated.

Pat: Could you hand me another napkin?

Conductor: Sure, here. Ok, what's the best meat you've had. I cannot believe I just said that.

Pat: Are you blushing? The award has to go to a stellar reuben I had in San Antonio. It was at this great deli. The corned beef was warm, thick and not too salty.

Conductor: Yeah, I am blushing. That sandwich you're working on now looks pretty darn good.

Pat: This? It's the 8-21 and it is a close second, I must say. It's pastrami, turkey, green pepper with a thin layer of dijon mustard. I chose black bread, which was a fine choice, I must say. Hey, give me that back!

Conductor: Mmrnnmen nrgh gerd.

Pat: I know it's good but I'd like to eat the whole thing!

Conductor: Sorry. Could I have another napkin? Let's move onto the non-meat category.

Pat: Mmerreghgh....ggerrrnnrgh.

Conductor: Hey! That's my tuna reuben!

Pat: And a darn good one. Unfortunately, it's not a contender. Now where were we? The non-meat? Hey, put down that knife! Really - aahhhhh!!!

Editor's Note: the rest of the interview is illegible due to what (we hope) was a smear of ketchup.

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  1. This sandwich interview has me all hungry for a good deli and thinking perhaps I shouldn't have made it the year of the cupcake.