Monday, June 15, 2009

My Weekend---A Photo Essay

Plarn goes first class.

Sexy shoes for Magaret and me. Wow, my feet sure are big.

Margaret---feeling no pain.

The Bride and Me. Isn't she beautiful?
P.S. How sexy is my necklace?

As if marrying Ellen wasn't enough---James becomes an honorary member of the class of '84. How can any man stand the excitement?

We look just like we did when we were roomies!
I don't even remember what this was about, but whatever it was, it sure was funny. I didn't really use my stash of tissues during the wedding ceremony, but I had to dig a couple out of my purse after this episode to dab my eyes.
Off to bed for me.

1 comment:

  1. how much fun was that weekend! i took a picture of the the TV in the mirror.

    too bad you couldnt get the plarn bag with the minuteman.. but if just was too tall.. sheesh! you think they would have been more considerate and made the statue more accessible. ha!

    a grand time!!