Sunday, March 15, 2009

Always Get Dessert

So, we went to the Greek Restaurant (Skidders). Getting there was tricky. Wardrobe consultations, an incident related to the iron (non-injury), and then crossing a busy street. It was tough, but we got there.

We didn't get a rousing reception. I wondered if we should just leave. We ordered salads.

He walked by several times. Nothing.

Pat sent flirting advice.

It was a grim scene.

Then the waitress suggested dessert. We both said we didn't think so, but we looked at the dessert menu, you know, just to be nice. She suggested the cheesecake. "Why not?" I thought.

It was awesome. Lynne didn't order dessert, but noticed that the menu said to feel free to "skip over to our dessert showcase", so she did, but without the skipping.

She got triple chocolate cake.

The cheesecake was fantastic. Better than Cheesecake Factory. Really.

But the best part...he came by our table and asked Lynne "Where's the little one?" referring to Julie's baby, Lilly, who was with them in January.


Lynne introduced me and he shook my hand. A nice firm handshake. I only mention this because Lynne has totally got the jealousy about the fact that he touched me.

To recap---he remembered and the cheesecake is awesome. What could be better?

Oh...and I'm writing this sitting outside our room...20 paces from the beach.

As for the leg change. Hurry and vote.


  1. He remembered! hallelujah! I knew it - I knew one should always have dessert!

  2. I'm starting to rethink the shaving thing. I mean, shave if you want to shave. Don't just do it for a stinking boy. :) Because are more than shaved legs & Darren adored you.

  3. who is HE? Fred? Ricky? it's like you guys are talking in code.