Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hovering over the Border

Debating what was the worst part of our trip thus far (because those on the bitter train do not discuss the best parts of the trip), we realized that after 800 miles, we arrived into our comfy hotel only to discover we couldn't get on the internet. We apologize to our loyal, anxious Followers.

But due to Sue's diligence, we have access this morning and we're back and bittererer than ever. Well, not really, we're almost to Florida. It was 28 degrees when we left the Gold Coast of Hardin County, and arrived in 74 degrees in Georgia.

We made it clear to Valdosta, Georgia in 13.5 hours. The trip was smooth, though we had rain as soon as we crossed into Kentucky (punishment for leaving Ohio?) - so basically for 11.5 hours, we were in the rain.

Now, just 18 miles from Florida, the Train should be pulling into our Florida destination by noon. And we're going to have lunch at Sonny's BBQ if it kills us! Not that Sonny would do that to us, we just couldn't find any for dinner last night, so we had to settle for Cracker Barrel, which afterall is a mandatory stop for all roadtrips on Interstate 75.

Be sure to check in for breaking news on all meals, hazards, and people sightings.

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