Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Why We Came Home a Day Early

In order to stifle the rumors about why we came home a day early, we offer the following explanations:

The housekeeper kept bringing us clean towels. The pressure to bathe so often was too much.

Due to a lack of email from others, we felt compelled to come home and email each other.

Leering ZZ Top-ish guys who moved into #102.

The drudgery of walking on the beach, then lounging by the pool. We couldn't take it any more.

Lynne's resolve to not shave was starting to weaken.

The only dessert left to try at the Greek Restaurant was jello.

Publix ran out of Peppermint Stix ice cream.

The weeping phone calls from our lonely friends at home.

Concern that without us, Pat might need the bail money herself.

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