Tuesday, March 10, 2009

If this was on my porch, what will wash up at the beach?

With the awful time change, it's very dark outside in the mornings. When it's so cloudy and pouring rain, it's still dark when technically the sun has risen. While sipping my orange juice and looking out my patio door, I noticed a large something on the porch. It looked like a branch, which would not be a surprise with the winds we've been enduring.

Outside in slippered feet, the investigation revealed not a branch but a fish. An ugly, frost bitten fish. A fish of 13-14 inches long. Apparently it was a gift from Franklin, my 19.6 pound cat (weighed at the vet's yesterday), who must have drug it up from the pond.

I sure hope they find those NFL players soon.

1 comment:

  1. Ah, geese (you heard me right - pronounced geese). Ah, geese, I hope there's not a swimming w/ the fishes theme here!

    Oh and do I get something for being your biggest fan commenting on all blogs? Huh, do I?