Monday, March 16, 2009

Sounds of the Sea

How was our first night in Florida? After driving a thousand miles, walking 3 miles on the beach, breathing in large doses of sea air, not to mention the excitement of dinner, we were beat.

We settled into our unit nicely. Sue chose the pull out couch. Being the tough cookie that she is, she didn't even pull it out! I admire her grit with couch sleeping abilities (a feat she had demonstrated earlier while pet sitting at my house).

In the bedroom with the monstrous king sized bed, I fluffed the pillows and chose some mindless entries from Reader's Digest for my final wind-down. On the other side of the wall, I could hear my neighbor's television. It wasn't too bad, but I was hoping they'd turn it off soon.

Be careful what you wish for. They turned it off. I sighed in relief and began to reach over to turn off the light. Then it began. Moaning, grunting. Oh yeah. Apparently the sea air filled my neighbors with amour. I promptly hopped out of bed to report this to Sue.

It is one thing to have to hear this, and quite worse to hear it while feeling quite shut out of the process. So I went into the bathroom and allowed plenty of time before I returned to my room. All quiet on the western (their room did face west) front. Phew.

And even better, we've moved on up (queue Jefferson theme song) to the 6th floor, ocean front room. Better view and hopefully celibate neighbors.


  1. What's was Sue's reaction to the amorous neighbors from her perch on the pull-out? And who's to say that the amorous neighbors didn't get to move on up as well??!?

  2. Sue said, "good for them." Of course, she didn't have to listen to them.

    They can move up all they want as long as I don't have to listen to them.

  3. Psst .. I bet Sue gave those guys $5 to make noise in the hopes that you'd ask to sleep on the couch tonight. She's crafty, that Sue.

  4. Shhh. Lynne hasn't known me as long as you have, so she still thinks I'm nice.

  5. All I can wonder is . . . what were the ads that read after that posting?

  6. Oh my the ads. My favorite new thing is not your blog - it's the ads - you pointed them out, though!

    Carmel by the Sea - low hotel rates (for those staying in the seedy part of town)

    Worldwide Logistics & also Air Freigh Forwarders - I guess because you were moving on up.

    And last but not least and my personal favorite - Adjustable Mattresses!

    Very funny stuff.