Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mr. Bubble Wins Again

We went to the restaurant. We chatted with the Greek man. Got to know him a little better.

Good thing I didn't shave those legs.


  1. "got to know him a little better" and "Good thing I didn't shave those legs." Are these phrases code for "he's married," "he's gay," "he's fallen for Nadia, the super-soaker with lousy aim." Again, inquiring minds and all that...

  2. Good heavens...have you thought about having a friend of yours tell a friend of his that you might like him if he asks you to the sock hop? You can do this!!! Be more aggressive! Wait til after class and then ask him to carry your books!

    Girl likes boy. Boy probably likes girl, but shy. Girl should just be a tiny bit more aggressive...Girl has an adventure and gets a new friend. And maybe, a longer term friend. And her friend, well, who knows? Maybe she is inspired too. (-: