Tuesday, March 17, 2009


The pursuit of the elusive Greek is not going well. After another failed attempt at getting him to fall in love with me, what is becoming clear is the immensity of the obstacles and the pitiful tools at my disposal to overcome these obstacles.


Me. This is probably the biggest. I'm scared. However, I am holding my own with eye contact, smiles, and the occassional witty repartee (which lasts for approximately 47 seconds before he flits back to his Very Responsible Job).

Him. It would appear that when he is at work, he is very focused on actually doing his job. This is admirable, but not helping. Throw in his own shyness (or fear), language barrier, and the fact that the owner(s) who look like the Greek mafia (I'm just saying that to see what kind of ads pop up), and it is a recipe for disaster.

This is not to even begin to discuss possible age differences and 1100 miles. That would be easy.


Match the person and their dating advice. Five points each.

Karen, my spiritual friend
Pat, my very practical professional pharmacist friend
Julie, our superblogfan friend
Shirley Feeney, from Laverne and Shirley

"drop your fork and shake your money makers"
"he needs your graceful directness"
"be bold - get tea to go and ask him out"
"dance the way I do when I want to attract Carmine Ragusa - works every time"

Do you see what I'm up against? Is there any hope? There needs to be a way where no way appears to be possible.


  1. Real Hawaiian Shave ice. Cracks me up. Are they calling the Ice Queen? I'm just saying. I'm so mad ads don't pop up when I blog I would so play w/ that.

    But now I must say - my favorite is Pat's advice -that had to be pat. Drop your fork and shake your money makers. Aaaaah, I can't stop laughing - I choose that one for you!

  2. More advice . . . drink wine and then go for wine. And then drop your fork. :)

  3. Forget about the fork; god wouldn't have given them to you if he didn't want you to shake them... Famous line said by Penny in Dirty Dancing...

    But not as famous as "Nobody puts Baby in the corner!"

  4. Does the fact that there is no post today mean that Peter the Greek has responded to the shaking of your money makers? Inquiring minds want to know... Actually, more like dirty minds...