Sunday, March 22, 2009


I've never met Lynne's Aunt Pat and since she died last spring, I guess that ship has sailed for me. However, Aunt Pat has left a lasting legacy for which I will fondly remember her.

Aunt Pat was a world traveler and avid journaler. I'm sure Lynne inherited her wanderlust and lethal blogging skills from her.

Anyway, back to the Legacy of Aunt Pat (hereafter LAP): Sundowners.

When Aunt Pat was on safari in Africa all would pause as the sun began its descent. Tables were draped with linen, snacks were laid out, drinks were poured and all gathered to watch the sun go off to another hemisphere.

Sundowners (or "sundownering" in its verb form) are now a St. Pete Beach tradition---but with our own Bitter Train style. No linen here. But we pour a glass of wine (or two) and set out snacks and pause to watch the sun slip out of sight.

And, we aren't the only ones. We watch from our exalted perch on the sixth floor as people gather at the water's edge and for a few moments we are all united in silent salute to the day and to life and to the wonder of it all.


  1. How fun...some how sunsets in Hardin County, or Hardintucky as I once heard it referred to, lack the appeal. Maybe it is because you are watching the sunset over a irrigation ditch, but I don't know.

    I hope you have safe travels back--thanks for sharing a portion of your lives on the 'train. It's been fun.

  2. And where are you sundownering this evening? I am sundownering here in my office in manhattan watching the shadows play off the downtown buildings... Not as peaceful as St. Pete Beach or Africa probably, but with a charm all its own. And no wine, but even if I was in St. Pete Beach or Africa there still wouldn't be any wine, just a little whine...

  3. We arrived home last night around 6:30 and went our separate ways. But, within an hour Lynne was at my house, dogs in tow, and we went over behind the school to let the dogs run. We were facing west, and the sun was going down, but it just wasn't the same. Maybe if it wasn't "hat wearing weather" we could have tolerated it. But, I expect that sundownering is something that we'll do often
    but not until hat season is over. I encourage the rest of you to adopt this ritual. It's easy, happens daily, and includes snacks. What could be better?