Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bitter Train Jeopardy!

Don't panic, Pat. We don't need the bail money. This is our version of the classic game show.

A: Sluts!

Q: What did some boys in a car yell at us last night when we were out for our evening stroll?

A: Nadia

Q: What's the name of a girl with very poor super soaker aim and even poorer supervision?

A: Angry painted on eyebrows.

Q: What facial feature of the complex manager do we find disturbing yet fascinating?

A: Phoebe and Chandler.

Q: What are the names of two poorly behaved children who were seated next to us at Skidders?

A: The Disco Channel.

Q: What internet radio station does Lynne patiently tolerate when Sue is in the mood to return to her 70s roots?

A: Her inner beauty.

Q: What did Sue's super face mask bring to the surface? (Snort)

A: Because she might want to buy a plarn bag.

Q: Why did Lynne give a stranger her business card?

A: Peppermint

Q: What flavor ice cream do we have in the freezer?

A: The Flaming Cheese.

Q: What food have we agreed not to order at Skidders? Alternate answer: What would be a great name for a sports team?

A. Seven.

Q: How many books (combined) did we bring with us?

A. One (By Lynne)

Q: How many books (combined) have we finished.

A: Overly friendly homeless man.

Q: Who screwed the gas cap for Sue? (And that's not code).

Thanks for playing. Please feel free to post your scores.

1 comment:

  1. Playing my own round:

    A) Angry Painted on eyebrows

    B) Julie during chemo

    A)Bandaged Waitress on the curb

    Q) Girl on lunch break Julie's friends had to help after Julie caused said girl to fall off bike while Julie talked and waved her hands during a 3-day training walk on St. Pete Beach Gulf Blvd.

    A) Pencil, Pen and Stampers

    B) Things that come out of furnishings and walls w/ a magic eraser.

    A) Cement

    B) Thing that has jumped out at Julie's car twice this past month


    B) Baby because she wants me to get off the computer.

    Must go.