Saturday, March 7, 2009

Not that we need to justify leaving, but....

Spring is coming. I know it is because the temperature is 70 degrees at this moment. Last Saturday, it was 7. And Monday, it will be back to 27. That's how you know it's Spring in Ohio. My cranky cat who normally sleeps full-time,Olive, went outside yesterday. Yes, it's Spring.

But that won't keep me here. I know darn well that 70 degrees is just a tease. I'm headed for better scenery because right now the best I can do are my neighbor's cows. See that look on their faces? They're judging me.


  1. Just to verify. Can you see these cows from the inside of your house? Which window?

  2. I can see them from my southern-facing windows, but I have to squint.