Friday, March 20, 2009

Retail Therapy

Lynne's new career--J.C. Penney Catalog Model.

Some people call this a tube top. Lynne thinks it looks like a big tissue.

Lynne as Barbara Eden.

Lynne as Buckwheat.

Trailer Park Lynne. Doesn't she know that you can't smoke near plarn?

How could the Greek Man resist this?


  1. given that i am fashion challenged.. i like those outfits. especially the jeannie dress! although i think it was her evil twin sister, jeannie ( yes do you remember.. they were all jeannie) who wore green.

    i also think i could do a tube top.. as long as i had good scaffolding for my tatas!

    great blog gals!

  2. ok.. everytime you post a comment .. you need to do that word verification thing. the word for my last comment was "outsuck" what do you think that means? ha!

  3. I think you could make tube tops out of plarn.

  4. I love these pictures - I can't believe I've forgotten to check Bittertrain for so long. I want to say - ditto on the plarn tank tops, but worry about the nipplage wardrobe malfunctioning situation.