Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fundraising for our adventure

Friends really keep us going, don't they? It's good to have friends. And if they have a function other than their fantastic selves, it's a bonus. Our friend Pat is a pharmacist, professor, and a helpful reference for all medical issues. She also seems to have some sort of cache of bail money set aside in case she gets into trouble, say, on one of her excursions to Vegas or a student with unauthorized piercings walks into her office.

Upon reading our posts, she has become concerned that she may need to use them for...us? What? Here are some of the ideas she's had to raise additional bail money:

1. Part-time job
2. Recycling aluminum cans
3. Turning in her change jar
4. Tax refund
5. Coffee cans with our pictures on them for giving at the local carry-out (we'd probably bump a few kids with mysterious ailments)
6. Bake sale for "Free the Ohio 2"
7. Liquidating cd's
8. Selling plasma

Surely it won't come to that. Will it?

1 comment:

  1. It might come to that. Now I'm scared if Pat is actually being the responsible one. I'm going to have to fly into the country and help bail you out, too, aren't I? Because how can I trust Pat to stay out of jail as well.